Thursday, August 25, 2016

World Peace Runner in Kilcullen overnight

My amazing Japanese guest of last night, Takashige Katsuhiko, is running around the world, writes Hilary Jones Pallister.

A former Senior Secondary School Teacher, he visits schools and explains the devastation following the tsunami.

He started his adventure on May 25, 2011 and hopes to run 40,000km around the world on five continents.

He finished the first stage of Running Across the USA in 2011 from LA to NYC 5,285 km in 138 days.

He ran across Australia and New Zealand in 2013. Arriving in Ireland last Tuesday, from Glasgow after a run around the UK, he came to Kilcullen last night, on the 33rd day of his current run.

You can follow him on Facebook Peace Run Running Around the World.  His blog Lonesome Road is here.

A true gentleman.

(ED NOTE: Hilary provides Kilcullen Homestay accommodation at 2500 Conroy Park.)