Friday, May 20, 2016

The Spout starts a new era

After five years of leasing The Spout, and making a very obvious success of it, it was a red-letter evening for popular publican Tommy Dignam and his new partner in the business, Marian Courtney, when they officially marked their purchase of the pub last night, writes Brian Byrne.

It was a 'customer appreciation night', at which no money crossed the counter. But then, the support that Tommy has shown to Kilcullen since he first came into business here is a hallmark of what The Spout is today. Tommy is a man who believes in giving something back.

Support is a two-way street, and — persuaded to say something — he thanked all those who had supported his endeavours over the last half-decade ... "and I hope you'll continue the support over the next 25 years," he added in a direct statement that he and Marian plan to be a part of Kilcullen's pub life for a long time to come. He also made special mention of the staff of the establishment, without whom any pub will never be successful.

Marian declined to speak, but there's a very strong enthusiasm for her involvement from her own family and from the regulars at The Spout, and both the Dignam and the Courtney/Byrne side of the partnership had spouses and family out in strong support. Now that Tommy and Marian are in full control of the Spout's destiny, it can only go from great to superb.

Pictured above are (back) Podge Byrne, Tommy Dignam and his wife Jenny, Derek Courtney and his wife Marian, and Tommy's father Jimmy Dignam; and (front) Tommy's mother Ann, and his children Cian and Leanne.