Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Plans in train for Convent Garden opening

The Kilcullen Gospel Choir summer show planned for Saturday 2 July could be a suitable occasion to officially open the Convent Garden, writes Brian Byrne.

This was a suggestion at the recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action, where it was noted that there was still a full day of work to be done in the Garden to complete it.

Ray Kelly commented that there had been a 'great turnout' for the recent work day (above), and there's gravel to be laid and some more planting before the current phase of the work is finished.

Weather permitting, there are plans that the Gospel Choir summer show will be in the open air, in the Garden.

There was a discussion on the possibility of a plaque, and Noel Clare said it should also mark the contribution of those who had helped with the lowering of the wall, many of them volunteers, as well as some history of the Convent and the Cross & Passion sisters.

The KCA AGM has been set for the evening of Monday 9 May, in the Kilcullen Heritage Centre.