Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Enthusiasm at photography class

A small but enthusiastic gathering got some seriously good tips on how to take better pictures this morning, writes Brian Byrne.

As part of the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Town programme, professional photographer Dermot Byrne — pictured above with Jo McMahon, Manager of Bank of Ireland Kilcullen — demonstrated simple but important techniques in a presentation in the Town Hall.

A multi-award winning photographer, Dermot outlined basic ways of holding a camera or camera phone in the first instance to take pictures.

He discussed a number of underpinning rules for composition, how to pose subjects to get the best results, and the effects of different kinds of lighting on a subject.

And he announced a photographic competition as part of the Kilcullen Enterprise Town which takes place on the evening of 22 April and the mid-morning of 23 April.

The contest is for photographs that illustrate why people might want to live in the community of Kilcullen, and the closing date is 19 April. Participants are allowed to email only one picture each, to both GraceA.O'Sullivan@boi.com and Dermot@dermotbyrne.ie. "Take lots of pictures, but just send your best one," he advises.

There's been one result already from this morning's event — some of those who attended are going to set up a Camera Club in the town.