Saturday, July 04, 2015

Mean vandals hit flowers watering system

A nasty bit of local vandalism last night left the watering systems in the flower baskets on the bridge non-functional, writes Brian Byrne.

Someone, one or more people, reached up and pulled out watering system tubes, on standards on both sides of the bridge.

The result was, when the timer switched the water on this morning, it sprayed everywhere except into the baskets.

"I got a call from the County Council about a reported burst," said an understandably angry Ray Kelly, who looks after the installations for Kilcullen Community Action. "It was a deliberate act, someone going to the trouble to pulling so many tubes out."

It might well be worth checking the CCTV systems in the area ... there are at least three which may have views of a least parts of the bridge.

But whatever, it was a big mean act by someone with a very small heart. Their brains? That could be an even smaller story ...