Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cake Sale starts Teach Na nDaoine fundraising

The Cake Sale on Main Street yesterday gave the funding for the new Teach Na nDaoine project a good kick start, writes Brian Byrne.

The organisers of the initiative are expecting to have the keys of the old Dispensary in a couple of days, following agreement on a lease with the HSE.

Chairman of the project committee Albert Keenan said that once they are in the premises, they'll be able to set out a programme of work needed to get the facility up and running quickly. Adding that the resources to be available in the Teach Na nDaoine are still to be firmed up, he said the plan is to have it opened during every weekday.

Pictured above are committee members Steve Kinneavy, Jacinta Sully, Albert Keenan and Noel Clare.