Friday, May 01, 2015

KBC unlucky in SWL Cup Finals.

KBC’s Mix 5 team captained by Sarah managed to make it to a second South West League Final this year and they really wanted to put the League Final defeat from earlier in the season behind them, writes Enda O'Neill, PRO of Kilcullen Badminton Club.

The Cup Final opponents were another Carlow side, Balinakillin, and this match was played in the Carlow Lawn Tennis club. Sarah and the team came into this match with a hugh disadvantage playing with two subs due to injury and family commitments, also the Ballinkillin side had a 6-point advantage in every set meaning KBC started at -6 while Ballinkillin started at zero.

This rule was put in place by the South West Leagues committees deaming this to be a fair reflection of the two sides. This advantage basically meant that the KBC outfit had to score 27 points before Ballinakillin could reach 21.

In the first ladies Jen and Helen went out and were beaten in two sets 21-19, 21-19 in a game in which KBC’s ladies dominated, Vincent and Enda went out in the first mens and won the first set but again, the six point advantage proved critical in the game and the Carlow side took the last two sets.

Sarah and Kath were also beaten in their Ladies game while Sean and Fintan took second Mens giving KBC a chance.

First mix again lost and Balinkillin went 4-1 up with 3 to play. The KBC second, third mix went out and dominated but when Helen and Enda dropped a set in the second mix this meant even after a 4-4 draw Ballinkillan had won the final on sets.

This is a truly terrible way to loose a final and I hear some of my readers saying to themselves “bitter grapes Mr. O’Neill” to that I say “no, a bag of them!!!” but that’s sport and genuinely congratas to Ballinkillin who used their advantage to win the Cup.

Finally good luck to Tara and Kath, Enda and Vincent, Sean and Ian who all play in Baldoyle on Sunday in the Leinster Individual Semi Finals and hopefully Finals in Baldoyle on Sunday.

Pictured are the Grade 4 finalists.

ED NOTE: Apologies for late publishing of this, but it got lost in the In tray.