Thursday, April 30, 2015

'Record those memories' plea

The memories released at the recent 'Action Replay' sporting memories event in Kilcullen Library would be 'wasted' if they simply went home with their owners, writes Brian Byrne.

That was the emphasis put on the event by John Martin, who managed the various contributions with a skill that reflected his military career.

"Whatever stories you have, Julie O'Donoghue would like if you could record them either on paper, or on a recording which Mary Orford is prepared to facilitate," he told the full house gathering for the event. It was the fourth in a series over the last two years which began with a presentation on the Schools Folklore project of the 1930s, then went through WW1 memories and on to 'Open All Hours' that gathered recollections of shopkeepers and customers from Kilcullen's past, in January.

We're not sure how many have taken up that invitation, but it is ongoing. If you have a story, contact Julie or Mary, and either write it or record it. In whatever way suits, and as short or as long as it takes.

If you're worried that you're not a 'writer', here's a hint from one who makes his living at it. Just write whatever you want to put down as if you were telling a friend in a letter. Works every time.

NOTE: As there was so much material and memories at the 'Action Replay' organised by Julie O'Donoghue and Mary Orford, the Diary is reporting from it in a series of stories over the next week or so.