Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Old road in the snow

This is Sabina Reddy's picture taken today on the old Athy Road to Thompson's Cross.

A changed Old Kilcullen

'Don't look'
Isn't is amazing how snow can totally change a familiar landscape? These pictures from Niamh O'Connor taken at Old Kilcullen this morning demonstrate that so very well.


'No post today'


Open and closed updates

A continuing update on what's happening and not happening during the current weather situation, writes Brian Byrne.

Kilcullen Community Centre will remain closed tomorrow.

The Kilcullen Community Childcare Centre will not be open tomorrow or Friday.

Oxigen have suspended all refuse collections in the Kilcullen area until further notice.

Eye Candy Beauty Clinic will be closed again tomorrow and will post about the weekend.

Woodbine Books will open tomorrow from 9am-1pm, and will remain closed on Friday.

Yvonne's Pilates and Yoga classes tomorrow night in the Community Centre have been cancelled.

Sharon's Perfect Images will be closed tomorrow and probably Friday (updates on Facebook page).

The Post Office will be open from 10am until 1pm.

Kidz Academy will remain closed tomorrow for safety reasons, and will update tomorrow on the situation for Friday.

The Final Furlong cafe will be closed until Saturday.

The River Cafe will be open tomorrow morning and will close in the afternoon.

Nolans Butchers will close at 3pm tomorrow (Thursday).

Berneys Chemists will be open from 9am-2pm tomorrow (Thursday).

Kilcullen Community Centre is closed today.

All schools in Kildare will remain closed for the rest of the week.

Nichola Kennedy's optometrist practice is closed until after the Red weather alert is lifted.

Kildare County Council has warned people not to make any unnecessary journeys and suggests that 25cm of snow may have accumulated by Thursday midday (there was 21cm in Kilcullen this morning!). Also, the Council offices and all libraries are closed today and until further notice.

The Council snowplough went through at 11.30am so the Main Street is clear.

No 1 Fitness in Kilcullen cancelled the morning fitness classes, but hopes at this time to reopen this evening.

The Hair Emporium in Kilcullen is closed today and tomorrow. Also Ellen's Hair Salon is closed today and tomorrow.

Kidz Academy has closed its creche and pre-school until further notice, with the safety of children, staff, and parents in mind. They will post Facebook updates.

Kilcullen Community Childcare is closed today and will monitor the situation to let people know when the service will be open again.

Appleton Property's offices are closed but clients can contact them by mobile and email.

Most key shops in Kilcullen are open (at lunchtime Wednesday), as are several cafes and pubs (O'Connells is opening early at 1pm, and Tom Dignam was salting his Spout steps at 11.45). Fallons is not opening.  An Tearmann is also closed today. Woodbine Books is open for good reads, coffee and hot chocolate. We're told that Eurospar will close at 6pm this evening.

The Cottage Veterinary Clinic is operating with very limited staff and wants people to call 045 434848 in advance of attending. Animals First in the Link Park is closed today and will notify of further arrangements.

Markus Pedersen has a 4x4 and tow ropes and is happy to help anyone in trouble. Get him through his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in Finland it's time for the daily dip ... (Pic courtesy Niall McDonnell.)

Making a way for the customers

These pics of the snow clearing at Nolans this morning were taken by Joan Dempsey from Whitehall.

Meals on Wheels delivered in snow

John Corrigan drove Annette McCarthy from Kilcullen Lions around as she delivered the Meals on Wheels today, writes Brian Byrne.

"I couldn't safely drive my own car in today's conditions," Annette told the Diary. "John volunteered to drive me, and as far as I'm concerned, he's our Meals on Wheels hero this week."

Kilcullen Lions began the Meals on Wheels distribution last summer. It is planned that it will use the Teach na nDaoine as a base for the service when the facility is built.

Noeleen came in by tractor

Difficult traffic conditions in Kilcullen this morning.
Kilcullen postmistress Noeleen Eston-O'Neill had to engage the goodwill of Dunlavin man David Coleman to bring her to Kilcullen on a tractor this morning, to open the Post Office, writes Brian Byrne.

She says she'll be doing the same tomorrow and the Post Office will be open from 10am until 1pm.

Meanwhile, as temperatures drop below freezing, road conditions are going to deteriorate rapidly. Local gardai are advising motorists to exercise extreme care, especially on side roads, and to avoid driving at all if possible.

Civil Defence have made their 4WD vehicles available to the Garda for any emergency needs, which is very important in this district as it abuts the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains.

Dog found near Calverstown (UPDATE: Owner located)

A black Newfoundland dog (similar to above) has been found in the Calverstown area and is being cared for pending locating his owners.

The dog was picked up on a road in the area and can be returned by sending a message to this Facebook link.

More snow pics

Two snow shots by Gareth Landy of Blue Moon Productions, one a nice winter view of the bridge (a nice candidate for a local Christmas card), the other is Steve Kinneavy getting stuck in with a shovel to clear a path to the pub.

All Ireland Champions in KBC

Grade 3 Mixed Team.
Tuesday 20th of February was THE night for Kilcullen Badminton Club with two teams competing in the Mixed Finals of the Southwest Leinster League, writes Tara O'Neill.

Kilcullen’s Grade 7 Kilcullen team were up first playing Carlow LTC in Portarlington and as every final should be close, the night ended with a 5-5 draw meaning both teams had to tot up their game points to determine the overall winner. Kilcullen were extremely unlucky as Carlow had a marginal 6 point lead over them. Hard luck to Olivier Valory and his team.

Grade 7 Mixed Team.
The other team to make it through to the Southwest Mixed finals were Kilcullen’s Grade 3 team who were up against a well acquainted Baltinglass team. Kilcullen got off to a good start with both first Men’s and first Ladies securing a win. However the second Men and Ladies matches didn’t go Kilcullen’s way leaving the teams tied two games to two games going into the mixed. The mixed games were to be just as close with Kilcullen taking two games and Baltinglass taking two games – a second draw of the night for Kilcullen Club. Again, both teams scurried to their team sheets to add up match points but Karen Malone’s Kilcullen team were pipped at the post as Baltinglass had the higher number of points. Hard luck to both teams who gave it a tremendous shot and did exceedingly well to get to the finals.

The following weekend saw some of Kilcullen Badminton Club’s members enter the All Ireland Grade D and G events which took place in Marino and Baldoyle Badminton Centre in Dublin. Representing Kilcullen in the Grade G Mixed were Kat Logan and Ben Phelan and Jennifer Monaghan and Oisín Egan. Ben and Kat made it through to the second round but were unlucky to be beaten in a three setter at the quarter final stages. Oisín and Jennifer made it past the first and second rounds to be beaten in the semi-finals in a close game that went to three sets. Kat and Jennifer also took part in the Women’s Doubles but were beaten in a very tight two set game 19-21 and 20-22. Oisín and Ben  entered the Men’s doubles and  were unlucky not to make it past the first round with two 21-18 games. Ben also entered the Mens singles and was unlucky to be beaten in the first round where the second set was 21-19.

Representing Kilcullen in the Grade D were Lynsey Walsh, Gillian Kennedy Smith and Gareth Hogan. Lynsey and Gillian successfully smashed through three rounds into the finals and came out winners with an All-Ireland title. Both Gillian and Lynsey took part in the mixed event with Gillian and her partner making it through three rounds into the semi-finals. However herself and her partner were unlucky to be beaten 21-23 in their second set. Lynsey and Gareth, a well-practised partnership,  made it through 4 rounds of games landing themselves a well-earned place in the finals and emerged runners up – another super achievement. Well done to all who took place in both grades.

Finally, Kilcullen Badminton Club would like to thank Seán Darcy and DSV Solutions who recently provided the club with sponsorship. This sponsorship is very much appreciated with the increasing costs of shuttles and hall hire as well as other costs involved in running a successful badminton club.

Gillian Kennedy Smith and Lynsey Walsh.

Gareth Hogan and Lynsey Walsh.

Clearing passages

The big clean-up, for the moment. With a blizzard warning already following up the unexpectedly heavy dump of snow last night, shovels and blowers were out in force, clearing pathways.

Frank Mitchell is pictured above (by Ronan Murphy) helping out his neighbours.

And Kenny Rorie is running his ovens overtime making as much bread as he can manage. Reckon people are appreciating the fact that we have a specialist bakery in town ...

Have you a 4x4 vehicle for emergencies use?

As it happens, I have one this week. I've dug it out since.
Have you a 4x4 that might be available for giving people emergency lifts over the next few days? writes Brian Byrne.

Well, if so, contact Ivan Keatley on Text Alert, as he's compiling a list of available vehicles in case of emergency.

The number is 087 7666487.

This was the bridge at 7.22 this morning. Pic Geraldine Nugent.

Back up, push, pull ...

There's been a lot of pushing, pulling and general to-ing and fro-ing on Kilcullen's Main Street this morning.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a 4x4 that might be available for emergency lifts during the next few days, can they call the Text Alert number, 087 7666487, as Ivan Keatley is drawing up a list for that purpose.

Also, those expecting Meals on Wheels today, please note that they will be delivered, thanks to the good offices of a local farmer.

Snow hits, and everybody pitches in to help

With more than 20cm of snow in Kilcullen overnight, things are to say the least a little difficult, if picturesque, writes Brian Byrne.

The two hills from the bridge are typically problematical unless you have a 4WD or a team of pushers, which has been the case all morning ... lots of people shovelling and pushing and generally helping each other.

Kenny Rorie was the first to get part of the footpath cleared outside his and Armelle's shop, and then he went back in and has been baking bread since. Reckon there'll be a run on that as soon as it's out of the oven.  The Nolans team were swiftly on the job too, and Steve's Daybreak is clear also.

The depth of snow was unexpected at this stage of the week, and has caused the closure of Cross & Passion College among other things.

The advice is, unless you really have to go somewhere, don't.

More later.