Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Trail a 'gift to the community'

"I couldn't put words on the contribution which Bridge Camphill has made to Kilcullen in the almost 21 years since they came here."

Perhaps not, writes Brian Byrne, but Noel Clare did manage to put on record a heartfelt gratitude of Kilcullen to the Camphill community for what he termed the many 'gifts' which they have provided to the town in those last two decades.

The occasion was the official opening of the Kilcullen Farm & Nature Trail on the community's grounds, below the bridge over the Liffey which was the reason for Kilcullenbridge being established around 600 years ago.

Noel said that the key element of Camphill's contribution has been the people they have brought into the town, both residents and co-workers. "I think they have really added enormously to the fabric of what Kilcullen is. And their latest gift to Kilcullen, what a gift that is ... with the new Trail we have even more access to the Liffey and its history and environment than we have ever had."

He added that being able to get so close to the river and to nature is not just an advantage for people's bodies in fresh air, but also 'good for our minds our spirits to be in contact with our environment'. "It is something which I hope we will all enjoy, and look after and respect over the coming years."

Earlier, Camphill's Mischa Fekete had publicly thanked the staff of Liberty Investments in Galway and Dublin who had given their time on a recent Difference Day team-building initiative to build much of the Trail. They are coming back in September to complete further elements of the initiative, including seating areas and a shelter on the riverbank.

The tape to mark the official opening was cut by Camphill's Siobhan Dunlea, following several musical renditions by the bell-ringers of Camphill.

The opening event included two guided tours of the Trail by Eleanor Sutherland, who wrote the information for a series of information signs which have been placed along the path and boardwalk. The signs were designed by Mischa.

The map at the start of the 750-metre Trail was designed by Geraldine Gahan.