Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Some thoughts for Mothers Day

With Mothers Day coming next Sunday, there are lots of local businesses offering a range of suitable gifts, writes Brian Byrne.

Flowers are always acceptable, especially cheerful after the recent very wintry weather, and Catherine Mulrennan at Kildare Flowers can put together exactly what's needed, for all tastes. Phone 086 3275668, Facebook Messenger Kildare Flowers, or email kildareflowers@gmail.com.

Maybe arrange a nice lunch out on the day — lots of options for staying in town, from The Hideout to Bardons, from Fallons to Creans, or a trip out to the Priory at Kilgowan. There's a lot to be said for keeping things local if for no other reason than it's only a short hop back to home.

Or maybe you'll think of letting Mum sit back at home while the family does the cooking (if she would!)? Meat and veg and all the trimmings are available from the shops along Kilcullen's Main Street and indeed, out in the Link Park.

A gift, or a gift voucher, from Berneys or Burkes pharmacies, or from Secret Kloset, maybe a nice bottle of wine from Carry Out, can always fill the bill. Or, if Sunday lunch out hasn't happened, a voucher to one of our local eateries for later use is another option.

Indeed, as Eilish Phillips reminds me, a voucher for one of Kilcullen's several excellent hairdressers would be most welcomed by any Mam. Or a voucher to treat her to a new fashionable pair of glasses, sunglasses, or maybe contact lenses from Nichola Kennedy Optometrist. Or perhaps to The Powder Room or Eye Candy for some pampering?

Antoinette Buckley suggests giving your Mum some money to spend at the Easter Market in Kilcullen on 24 March ... (this Mothers Day thing is getting legs! Feel free to add more ideas.) 

And local photographer Conor Williams has a deal going for a nice Mothers Day portrait, which is a nicely different thought.

Or what about a good book or two? Woodbine Books has a great selection for all tastes, and if you don't know what to pick, Dawn or Aidan or Saoirse can make suggestions, or you can simply get a book token so she can choose herself

Anyhow, just suggesting ...