Thursday, March 08, 2018

March 'Bridge' now on sale

The March issue of The Bridge is now on sale, slightly late because the extreme weather had the printer 'snowed out', writes Brian Byrne.

The issue marks the first one of Volume 48, which means the magazine is now just two years away from celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Highlight features include an in-depth look at issues around the art and architectural heritage, and urgent maintenance needs of the church and other parish buildings.

There's also a very useful article from Orla O'Neill on good governance and transparency in running community organisations. In an indirectly related editorial, Bernard Berney makes a plea for the retention of the volunteer ethos across the community.

A report on a family in Moanbane Park who are 'sun energy pioneers' provides some thought-provoking insights into the possibilities of solar energy even in Ireland's climate.

A most unusual holiday spent amongst elephants by local resident Hillary Pallister also makes for fascinating reading, while a look at the history of bridges in Kilcullen is a good introduction for a proposed celebration of 'Kilcullen 700' next year.

Mary Orford has a timely piece about knowing the value of your personal information, with some detail about how much we give away that might surprise many.

There are the usual contributors — Billy Redmond is back on the pulpit, Sean Landers reveals some detail and background to one of the stained glass windows in the parish church, and Noel Clare and friends take a day trip to Altamont Gardens in Carlow.

Schools, sport, news, food, and a business article about Derek Walsh taking over the Eurospar franchise in Kilcullen where he has worked for the last two years ... it's all part of the fascinating mosaic that is Kilcullen on any given month.

Just €2 from the usual outlets.