Thursday, March 08, 2018

Burglaries down, but stay vigilant

Housebreaking and burglaries have decreased in Kilcullen, the recent AGM of Kilcullen Garda District Text Alert heard, writes Brian Byrne.

Inspector Oliver Henry from Naas Garda Station said it was probably because there had been some successful detections in the area and the 'word had travelled' amongst those responsible for such crime.

"Most burglaries are by 'visitors' from outside the area," he told the meeting. "If you catch a few of them and deal with them, those guys talk to each other and when we get a bit of success they'll stay away for a while."

He emphasised that when people feel something going on is suspicious, they should always inform the Garda. "Don't be afraid that you're wasting our time — we do want the calls, we do want to know." And he reiterated the general advice given to householders about making sure they have good locks and other security initiatives that will prompt would-be burglars to move on.

On the Community Policing IT initiative, where people can go online and access their own area's Community Liaison Garda contact details, Inspector Henry said the system will be formally rolled out in Kilcullen.

Gda Jon Brien noted that CP was being operated in an informal way amongst the three gardai currently staffing Kilcullen Garda Station. "It's easier in a small community, where we're all known and we're constantly communicating with each other."

With the departure of Sgt Mary Mulroe, Kilcullen is currently without a Sergeant, but Inspector Henry said they were hoping to have a Sergeant back in the town in due course.