Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thanks from Maintain Hope

Shamsi, Salma and Zahara in their new school uniforms for Ngong Township Primary School.
This is a note of thanks to everybody who contributed to making Acoustic Picnic 3 such a great event, writes Gerry O'Donoghue of Maintain Hope. These include artists, crew, tea makers, and audience. Roy Thompson is already planning Acoustic Picnic 4!

The money raised will be used to sustain our children's health and education. We are currently supporting 32 destitute children and we are implementing a Reintegration Programme in conjunction with the Kenyan Government. Where possible children are placed with living relatives in a family situation. The whole family is then supported and incentivised to keep the children in school through financial support and the provision of food, medication and basic necessities. The children's welfare and school attendance is closely monitored by our volunteers in Ngong, by local head teachers, and by the Children's Officer of Kajiado County, where Ngong Township is located.

Events such as Acoustic Picnic are vital elements of our fundraising efforts and, as well as raising much needed funds, they raise public awareness of our work and make for some memorable nights in Kilcullen Town Hall.

Thanks again to all.

Esther had an accident in school but received prompt treatment thanks to our medical programme.