Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Brannoxtown NS 'cannot close' — Board

The Board of Management of Brannoxtown NS say there are no plans to close the school, writes Brian Byrne.

In a statement the Board says the School cannot close because it is community-based and serves local primary education needs, has modern facilities and resources and a committed staff, and is a local resource that 'families would be driving past to go to other schools'.

On behalf of the Board, Principal Dolores Burke also noted that the Whole School Evaluation in 2016 reported that ‘the teaching in the school was of a high standard, that the teaching of children with special needs was of a high standard’ that the Board of Management was ‘commended on maintaining and improving this very well-resourced school’.

On the low numbers which have caused the current situation, the statement says these result from a number of issues, including families moving away or emigrating, families choosing to move their children to schools in their immediate locality, and other reasons including the availability of child-care.

The statement notes that Brannoxtown NS has been a two-teacher school for most of its history, and housing developments in the area did for a time increase numbers. 'This may happen again', it says.

The Board expresses concern that if parents move their children because it is becoming a two-teacher school again, it is a 'Catch 22' situation.

Possible solutions to the matter include families making a conscious decision to send (or keep) their children in Brannoxtown NS. The Board is encouraging local people to persuade others they meet to do likewise.

A new child-care service is planned for the School, and is scheduled to open in September.

A public meeting will take place this evening to discuss the future of the School.

ED NOTE: Pictures from various School Events can be accessed below. They show a variety of happy times at the School.

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