Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blue Star flag for Brannoxtown NS

Brannoxtown NS has been presented with a Blue Star flag for the school, following the completion of a programme aimed at improving understanding and knowledge of the European Union, writes Brian Byrne.

Pictured are some of the 6th Class pupils who took part in the programme, now in its sixth year.

As part of the programme, the pupils carried out projects and tasks which generated information on the foundation and development of the EU.

They also explored the cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe, what the EU does and how what it does affects the lives of citizens.

The programme concludes each year with a presentation on Europe Day, May 9, or on a school day close to it, showcasing the school's activities and achievements under the programme. Teachers received training on the programme.

To get their flag, the pupils had to submit a report to the Blue Star programme showing what they had done during the year.

For the programme, the school received a resource pack with wall charts, posters, and EU country guides, as well as other background material to stimulate ideas and activities.