Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Family call for advertising campaign

An advertising campaign for a supermarket chain is looking for non-actors to take part, who would be available this coming Saturday, writes Brian Byrne.

The production company is Antidote, and the contact is Suri Grennell, formerly from Kilcullen.

The campaign will be for print media, under the title 'Family Makes Us Better', and Antidote are looking for a mixed-race family or family with an ethnic origin other than caucasian, with teenage children or older.

Those selected would have a photographer visit them and document a day in their lives, from the mundane moments to the special events. "The campaign will be candid, warm and genuine and participants will be very well paid for their time," Suri says.

Those interested should follow this link and enter their details or contact Suri at The call is urgent, with today as the deadline.

UPDATE: Applications now closed.