Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'Smart litter bins' being piloted in Glasgow

Here's a thought for Kildare County Council, maybe consider 'smart' litter bins that notify the Council when they need emptying, writes Brian Byrne.

Glasgow City Council are piloting the idea, according to BBC News, and will have up to 400 such bins transmitting their status to a control room.

In addition to making sure busy bins are emptied more often, it also means that quieter areas don't need to be visited as much, so the whole process is more efficient in staff terms.

Meanwhile back home, the weekend's Old Kilcullen Spring Clean was very successful according to Fergus Aspell. "Littering and fly tipping continue to be a problem in the area," he told the Diary last night. "However, with a good community spirit and the help of neighbours, the roads leading to the tower are at least clean for another while.

"Thanks to Pat Griffin, John Joe Dowling, Rob and Ciara Morgan, Sabina and Conor, Anna Jennings, Niall Howard, Brian Willis and Tom Aspell for giving their time today to clean the area."

Well done all.