Saturday, March 25, 2017

And we faced the rising sun ... again

For the tenth occasion since the Dun Ailinne spear sculpture was erected as the centrepiece of the interpretive park, a group of early morning people gathered to mark the arrival of spring, writes Brian Byrne.

The event has become a tradition, regardless of the weather, and on many of those occasions the sun obliged, shining through the amazing Noel Scullion sculpture.

This morning was a perfect one of those, Sol obliging with the special anniversary, and Nature generally providing what was scenically the best patterns of light clouds to add interest to the photographs. Underfoot, there was a light frosty crispness to the grass.

Afterwards, again by tradition, we all repaired to Ray and Fiona Kelly’s home nearby for sausages — provided by Nolans — and brown bread, washed down by copious mugs of coffee and tea.

Another great greeting to the spring. All the Diary's pictures from this morning are here.

For the record, the first occasion can be seen on the Diary here.

For those who aren’t familiar with the background to the monument and the thousands of years of heritage which it commemorates, you can look back through the various Dun Ailinne events here.