Thursday, February 02, 2017

Scoil Bhride Grandparents Day

On Wednesday, the first day of Spring, the children in second class were visibly excited and eagerly hoped to catch a glimpse of their grandparents as they gathered in the senior hall, writes Marguerite Costello from Scoil Bhríde. This is always a very special event and people travelled from near and far to celebrate the special relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren as part of the Catholic Schools Week celebrations.

Following prayers, songs and readings, Fr Harte led the way and spoke of his fond memories of his granny who lived to be 94 years of age. As a young boy, he helped her to collect the eggs from the hens, bring water from the well and ensured the gates were closed on the farmyard. His reward was delicious treacle bread and sometimes, even though he had nine brothers and sisters, she gave each of them sixpence to buy a bar of chocolate.

Robyn’s granny went to school in the centre of Dublin and showed the children her communion dress which was the same one worn by her five sisters.

Alex and Katie’s granny made her communion in Kilcullen when she was in Senior Infants at just six years of age.

In contrast, Jamie and Evan’s granny made her communion a little later than her classmates because in her time, if you had not reached the age of seven in May you had to wait until October. Her dress came from America but as she was unwell on the day, she had to sit with the nuns and didn’t really get to show her friends her pretty dress.

Eileen’s grandad grew up in Tullamore and showed photographs of his braces and short trousers and as one of eleven children, he also spoke of sharing clothes and wearing hand-me-downs.

Lauren’s grandad came from Athlone and clearly remembered his father putting cream on his hair which accidentally fell onto his suit. However disaster was avoided as the boys wore sashes in those days so he used his to cover the stain. All of his class marched from the school to the church and similar to Alannah’s granny in County Clare, they didn’t have a party but enjoyed tea and buns in the local parish hall afterwards.

It was lovely to sit and listen to stories that never grow old about life in our grandparent’s time. A special word of thanks to all those that were able to join us in Scoil Bhríde for this lovely occasion.