Thursday, January 26, 2017

More on 'Sunnyhill van'

More information has come to light on a van seen at the time of the dumping of a bed at Sunnyhill earlier this month, writes Brian Byrne.

This time we have a registration number that is traceable, as the one originally provided, though similar, had incorrect digits.

Thanks to another correspondent, we're now interested in the movements of a 2001 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 308 CDi with a 'Luton' box body, with the roll-up back door described by our first report.

It was seen in Kilcullen around the time of the Sunnyhill fly-tipping, and the occupants are described as 'two young lads, maybe in their 20s'.

Our latest correspondent also saw this van again on 22 January, exiting onto the N7 South from Kingswood. Being familiar with LCVs from his work, he was able to describe it as one not common in Ireland. "I would say it is an ex-utilities van of the kind used by British Gas or Electric companies as a maintenance vehicle."

In this second sighting, he mentions what looked like the same two 'young lads' driving it, 'quite fast and not with a great deal of care'. It continued in the direction of Naas.

He suggests that people in the Kilcullen area should be vigilant 'as with the amount of dumping around Kilcullen and surrounding area this could be a common route for this vehicle'.

The registration is British, and a check by the Diary on the number showed that the van was first registered in the Manchester area. It is now in the hands of its third owner, as of May last year, according to records.

There is no record of the vehicle having been exported from Britain, nor is it currently taxed in the UK or bearing a valid UK MOT certificate.

The picture above was taken on the N7 when the vehicle was last seen heading towards Naas.