Thursday, December 22, 2016

The story of Nolans, in pictures

Any customer of Nolans taking their purchases out the side corridor to the car park will have noticed a new set of pictures along the walls, writes Brian Byrne.

The photographs, with explanatory captions, tell succinctly the story of Nolans from its early history to the extraordinary centre of excellence in meat production and sales that it is today.

The nine panels have some familiar faces to most of us, and illustrate the Farm to Fork transparency, the world-class Abbatoir, the Boning Hall, the Processing Hall where are made, among other delicacies, the single biggest selling item, pork sausages to the late Andy Nolan’s own recipe.

There’s a picture of the Curing Hall, where the low salt bacon and hams are produced, and several of the award winning Shop, as well as one detailing some of the now-innumerable accolades won by the enterprise at home and abroad.

And finally, a simple picture of James and the late Andy, the generations of the family with whom most of us would be familiar.

“I’ve been intending to do this for some time,” James told the Diary. “Now the pictures are there, outlining our story.”