Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Engineering Workshop for children during Easter hols

A ‘Young Engineers Easter Workshop’ to be held in Kilcullen during the Easter holidays will give primary school children the chance to do some cool hands-on experiments that will accelerate their interest in engineering and science, writes Brian Byrne.

The sessions will be held in Kilcullen Community Centre between 18-21 April inclusive, the first two days aimed at 3rd-6th Class pupils, the other two for 1st and 2nd Class children.

They are presented by Scott and Edwina Ziglinski of Elementary Engineering, which has been operating in Ireland since Scott came to this country in 2006.

The Diary reported his complete story in July 2016, which can be read here.

Participants are limited to 15 in each of the two groups, and among the challenges they will solve are designing and building a 5-track roller-coaster with one loop, a 7-part ‘chain reaction’ machine, and a go-cart that goes up and over a hill?

The whole workshop week is predicated on challenging fun during which the youngsters will absorb lessons in engineering and physics, the building blocks of almost everything man-made we use today.

To learn more about the programme, you can visit the website Elementary Engineering, Facebook page Elementary Engineering, and/or twitter account @Elementary_Eng.

NOTE: A similar workshop scheduled for the Christmas holidays had to be cancelled due to a family bereavement.