Monday, November 14, 2016

Some thoughts for books from Woodbine

As an occasional feature, here’s a list of books selected by Aidan Cunnane and Dawn Behan of Woodbine Books which might be of interest to readers.

In 2000, Anthony Bourdain captured the frantic setting of a professional kitchen in his bestselling memoir, Kitchen Confidential. Since then, he’s become a familiar face on food and travel programmes such as No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Appetites is his first cookbook in 10 years, focussing on home entertaining using favourite recipes from his childhood and extensive travels.

Win Or Learn
John Kavanagh was Ireland's first MMA fighter and coach to Conor McGregor. His biography is a frank exploration of the experiences that brought about his involvement in the sport and the drive and determination that brought him success after many years of setbacks and disappointment. It will appeal to every MMA fan but has something to offer anyone who is battling the odds as they follow a dream.

The Sellout
Paul Beatty’s Man Booker Prize winning novel, ‘The Sellout’, is a witty and astute examination of race relations in contemporary America. The Sellout tells the story of BonBon, an African American man who ends up in the Supreme Court after trying to implement slavery and segregation in the local school.

The Chemist
This is Stephenie Meyer's first thriller and follows on from her success with the Twilight Saga novels. Although inspired by her obsession with the Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross characters, her heroine can't rely on brute force but has to use intelligence and cunning to keep ahead of her enemies.