Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Beauty behind the walls

A former tradition of students visiting Castlemartin was restored today as the children from sixth class in Scoil Bhríde made the short journey across the road and spent a couple of hours learning about Castlemartin House and Estate, writes Marguerite Costello.

For years we wondered what lay behind the walls and Patricia Higgins, the estate manager, organised for Jim Kelly to kindly guide us around this peaceful and beautiful setting. He taught us all about the trees and planting regime and as we strolled along the banks of the Liffey, the spectacular autumn colours evident on the trees and underfoot were a sight to behold.

We also visited the old boat dock which is currently being restored and the current owner, John Malone, has requested that every effort be made to source labour and materials locally.

We also visited the ice house, a remnant of life in the 18th century and finally, we enjoyed a quiet moment in the small and quaint St Mary’s Church. Here Jim explained the restoration process and showed us the hiding place located in the floor.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting this secret garden and are very grateful to John Malone and Patricia Higgins for letting us learn about local heritage here in the heart of the Kilcullen.