Friday, September 16, 2016

Orla talks with Ryan on the radio

Kilcullen woman Orla O'Neill spoke briefly with Ryan Tubridy on his Radio One programme this morning about the family adventure she and her husband Kieran Behan and their children had last year, in Kenya, writes Brian Byrne. She's pictured above with her neighbour in Kenya, Rebecca.

She was commenting on the differences between living in Kilcullen and in the small town of Iten, where the children attended the local school and took part in the activities of their fellow pupils over a period of five months. Limited electricity and no wifi were among the different things they had to get used to.

She also spoke about Christmas spent in Bethlehem on the way home, where they were exposed to quite a different lifestyle, of people in refugee camps being tear-gassed by Israeli soldiers.

While in Iten, Orla maintained a blog 'Kerio View', which can be accessed here. Well worth a read at any time, and you can probably listen back to her conversation of this morning on today's Ryan Tubridy show podcast.