Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Group formed to research signage and place names

A working group has been established to identify streets, lanes and places of interest in Kilcullen that need to have nameplates, writes Brian Byrne. The group will also find out the background to the places' names.

This is the outcome to last night's meeting organised by Kilcullen Community Action in the Town Hall with a view to developing a plan for signage in the town.

Some 15 people took part in the discussion, during which a number of old names of streets and lanes which are unknown to most current residents of Kilcullen were resurrected.

Bernard Berney recalled Bentley's Lane, Noreen Dowling remembered Barber's Arch, and there was some to-ing and fro-ing about the original name for the lane beside Fallons to the former JFK Hall. Noel Clare noted that place names changed over generations, often in relation to whoever was living there.

Ray Kelly asked that a small group get together from the meeting and do a survey of the streets and places within the Tidy Towns area, and from that a list could be made of current and older names. A plan for setting out current names could be made, and brought to another public forum. "After agreement, we could then prioritise which places should have signs first," he suggested.

The steering group from the night comprises Michal Uhruski, Noel Clare, Eoin Houlihan, Niall McDonnell, Bernard Berney, Mary Rea, Noreen Dowling and Tommy Bardon. They will liaise with other members of the community who have knowledge of or source material relating to the old names. It is hoped to have the first results from their work in November.

There was some discussion around the form and style of signage, but it was agreed that this could be considered later.