Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Call for councillors 'commitment'

Kilcullen is ‘being bypassed’ for a lot of things and some specific commitments need to be extracted from local representatives, the most recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action heard, writes Brian Byrne.

Ray Kelly gave a specific instance of there not being a public electric car charging point in Kilcullen, even though Ballymore and other towns around that are smaller than Kilcullen have them.

The discussion also noted issues around footpath provision and repair which were the responsibility of the local authority, and KCA shouldn’t have to be continually chasing them.

“We need to sit down with our councillors and other local political representatives and get something on paper that they will commit to have done,” Ray Kelly said. “I have no interest in chasing the Council week after week trying to get things like the footpaths done.”

Noel Clare is to compile a list of relevant matters which can be brought to a meeting with local representatives, and he asked that anyone who was aware of an issue should contact him.

Editor’s Note: For those who may not know who their local councillors are, here’s a lookback at a Town Meeting of the Naas MD candidates in Kilcullen prior to the last elections in 2014. Not all of those present were elected, but it’s interesting to recall what was said and promised. It is perhaps a little disheartening that most of the matters discussed are still bones of contention today.