Saturday, August 27, 2016

Boxing Club season starting

Our 2016/17 season is nearly upon us, our first night’s training back from the summer break will take place on Tuesday 6 September, writes David O’Brien.

Ages range from nine onwards and the times for training are 9/10 year-olds 7.30-8.30, all the rest 8.45-9, depending on the sparring sessions.

For all newcomers and current boxers interested, the annual fee of €20 per year covers insurance for the boxer, and subs of €1.50 per night or €3 per week. Any boxer aged 11 years of age in 2016 will be eligible for competition this season.

Boxing is a discipline and a contact sport, gum shields and hand wraps are required — we provide gloves and headgear.

Parents are reminded that sparring is essential and compulsory, and we operate a drop-off and collect system. It's a distraction for the boxer to have parents or guardians in the hall.

Any enquiry to myself David O’Brien, PM for my phone number.