Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weather didn't dull Old Kilcullen day

There was a turn out of about 40 people on Sunday for the 1798 Gathering on Old Kilcullen, writes Sabina Reddy.

John Martin spoke about Knockaulin and gave a rundown on the features and archaeological findings of the hill and also the significant importance of Knockaulin and Old Kilcullen

Noel Clare spoke of his experience on working in Knockaulin in the 1970s and also talked about the people involved. In addition, he also gave an account of Old Kilcullen through the ages and its importance as an education centre in its monastic settlement

At this stage heavy rain clouds were approaching, providing spectacular sightings of the various weather patterns in the sky. Gerry O'Donoghue suggested abandoning at this stage but first he gave a quick account of the different communities which had lived through the ages in the area. The group finished off on the commons at the burial barrow that had been rediscovered during the week by Gerry.

The afternoon provided a wealth of historical information on Knockaulin and Old Kilcullen — with spectacular views added. Thanks to the speakers and everyone who attended.

Pictured is Gerry O’Donoghue and some of the group at the site of the burial barrow.