Friday, May 27, 2016

Sean Swan causing bother to canoeists

This is Sean Swan, who has been causing a certain amount of angst to members of the Kilcullen Canoe Club over the last while, writes Brian Byrne.

Sean is spending a lot of time patrolling the length of river from Berney’s Inch down to the bridge, and canoeists who get too close to him, or to his mate Siobhan’s nest near the outlet of the old Mill Stream have found themselves at the receiving end of his ire.

“A few have overturned their boats when he came flapping at them,” says Brendan O’Connell, longtime canoeist and a founder member of the Kilcullen Canoe Club. “But sure he’s only doing his job, guarding his family.”

Brendan is the one who has named the swan pair as Sean and Siobhan. When the Diary went on a (photographic) shooting expedition this morning, Sean was busy down near the Market Square, foraging, and preening himself.

Siobhan, meantime, was keeping her head down and minding her clutch, which must be almost ready to hatch.

Full res pictures here.