Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'Pick litter as you walk' suggestion

The scale of the local involvement in the weekend Litter Pick is only becoming visible as the pictures come in, writes Brian Byrne. This is a group of CPC students who did their own share.

And just because the weekend is over, doesn’t mean there isn’t any litter to pick up. A proposal that people who are out walking be encouraged to pick up litter on their perambulations was made at the recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action.

Ray Kelly said KCA could provide litter pickers and bags to anyone who wanted to help keep their own regular beat clean. Arrangements could be made to collect filled rubbish bags for disposal.

The idea came up during a discussion on how the recent Litter Picking Weekend had worked out, and it was generally agreed that it had gone well.

Noel Clare suggested that a rota of KCA members might be established for the coming months, to undertake a litter 'patrol' of the Main Street and town centre areas.

It was agreed that for the next few weeks, Saturday mornings and Monday evenings would be used to concentrate on town centre maintenance, weeding and painting and whatever else was necessary to enhance the look of the area.

Members and volunteers are asked to meet at the Heritage Centre at 10am on Saturdays and 7.30pm on Mondays to do this.