Tuesday, April 12, 2016

'Spring Clean' weekend planned

People who are willing to pick up litter while they are out walking should be encouraged to do so, last night's meeting of Kilcullen Community Action heard, writes Brian Byrne.

"They should be offered bags and a litter picker," KCA's Noel Clare suggested. "This is an initiative we should encourage. Wicklow have an 'adopt a mile' scheme to help deal with litter, maybe we could have an 'adopt a hundred yards' scheme?"

The meeting decided that a Kilcullen Spring Clean Weekend will be held from 6-9 May. Clubs, property owners, and businesses will be asked to do their own cleanups in or around that time, while KCA itself will do a 'rolling' clean of various street sections through the Saturday.

It was suggested that all the groups and individuals involved take photographs of 'before and after', and these will be published, to show what shared community effort can achieve.

More details will be posted in advance of the weekend.