Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thank you to Animals First

Your editor found a dead cat on the road outside his home this morning, obviously hit by a car during the night, writes Brian Byrne.

Initially at a loss what to do, we decided to bring the cat to Animals First Veterinary Hospital in the Link Park, on the basis that they might have disposal facilities.

As indeed they have. Veterinarian Conor McMahon was pleased that the animal had been brought in, and they dispose of them without charge.

"We have an arrangement with the pet crematorium, so they get a proper burial," he said. "We really like to encourage people to bring in animals they have found like this, otherwise the vermin just get them."

He emphasised that there's no charge. "Though we might have to reconsider that if someone brought in a dead deer," he clarified after a moment of thought.

Many thanks, Conor.