Monday, March 21, 2016

Congratulations to Parade organisers, participants

I would like to send my congratulations to all involved in organising and in attending the St Patrick's Day Parade here in Kilcullen, writes Col Des Travers (Retd). The variety and quantity of displays reflected the life and vibrancy of a community which is surviving and indeed thriving in these times.

I would like in particular to comment on the 'family heritage' group who were civic- and heritage-minded enough to wear the service medals of ancestors or family members. I particularly welcomed this initiative especially in this Centenary Year. For too long we were seemingly unable to bear witness to these commendable representations of service of loved ones. Now, because of this initiative we can do so.

It was also a very important initiative in that family members were able to march side by side regardless as to whether the medals reflected the War of Independence or the trenches of the Great War.

It would be a wonderful idea if this initiative were to take hold elsewhere throughout Ireland in future St Patricks Day parades. It would help to balance the past with the somewhat comedic, leprechaun-hatted version that is becoming a rebrand of what we are or think we are today. In suggesting as such it might be as well to point out that any award not only service awards which acknowledges a community or national benefit should be acceptable and worn.