Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Applications to 'adopt a monument'

Groups with a passionate interest in an archaeological or cultural site in their area are being invited to put that site forward for consideration in a new 'Adopt a Monument' Scheme, writes Brian Byrne.

Five sites will be selected by the Heritage Council from the suggestions and the deadline to get the applications in in 22 January.

Any voluntary group or organisation is eligible to take part in this scheme. For example Tidy Towns committees, archaeological societies, local history groups, Men’s Sheds, Community Development Organisations or more.

The successful applicant groups will receive expertise, mentoring and support from the Heritage Council at no charge, though any works needed will need to be funded through the usual sources.

The Council suggests that the sites can range from prehistoric tombs or stone circles, early monasteries, medieval walled towns, castles, churches and graveyards and landed estates to industrial and agricultural heritage like mines, kilns and mills to more recent cultural sites like handball alleys, traditional houses and architecture or key areas from social history such as battlefields, or sites associated with political struggle.

Further information can be got by emailing adoptamonument@heritagecouncil.ie.