Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Census 2016: enumerator applications window opens

NOTE: This is now closed, as they reached their quota of applications.

With the date for Census 2016 set for 24 April, applications for the job of enumerator opened today, 5 January, writes Brian Byrne.

The operation carried out by the Central Statistics Office will require 4,700 part-time enumerators to work between 21 March and 27 May.

The expected minimum working hours is 22 per week, and the enumerator applicants must be able to work 'flexible' hours, mostly at evenings and weekends.

The application window will close on 8 January, or whenever 15,000 applications are received.

Successful applicants will receive training, a mobile phone, calling cards, hi-viz jackets, a satchel, and other items needed to carry out the work.

There are four stages of work, a visual survey of the enumerator's area to confirm the existence of relevant dwellings, delivery of the census forms and answering queries, a collection subsequent to the census night, and the completion of a population summary.

Applicants should be comfortable dealing with the public on their doorsteps, be able to deal with large numbers of forms and other paperwork, and capable of working to a critical deadline. Generally, each enumerator will have 400 households to visit.

A typical remuneration for the work is €2,400. Full details available at census.ie, which is also the only place where applications will be accepted.