Sunday, November 22, 2015

Reminder: book for 'The Cavalcaders'

The set of 'The Cavalcaders' will be well worth the visit alone when the Kilcullen Drama Group gets the show public on Friday, writes Brian Byrne. Designed and decorated by director Letitia Hanratty and built by Ger Doyle, it has classic elements of authenticity.

With everything happening in a cobblers' shop, there's plenty of familiar stuff to those who frequent Ger Peacocke's real one on Main Street — indeed, during the show proper, the 'debris' around the set will be courtesy of Ger, which will enhance the authentic look.

Whether Ger might take a leaf from the stage setup, and put a piano into his own place is another matter ... you never know, though, it'd be a great spot to set up an alternative to a barber-shop quartet.

Anyhow, rehearsals have been building up to what should be yet another cracker of a show from the Drama Group. A mix of the serious, sad, happy and a bit of fun make the play yet another fascinating slice of an Irish life.

The dates are 27 and 28 November, and 2, 3, 4 and 5 December. Bookings as usual, €10 a seat, from Berneys Chemist. Don't delay. Delay can mean disappointment.