Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fianna Day at St Joseph's NS

A theme day where pupils in St Joseph's NS Halverstown spent their time as members of the Fianna was very successful.

During the day they dressed, ate and generally lived as members of the ancient Irish warrior clans, of which Fionn MacCumhaill was the legendary last leader.

The highlight of the day for the second and third class pupils was the banquet in the outdoor classroom in the sun (those look suspiciously like mead goblets!).

We copy below reports written by some of the pupils about the day.

Second and Third Classes in St Josephs had a banquet with food. We had brownies, ribs, fruit, cupcakes, brack, brown bread and tart. A few people were putting the banquet together. Everyone was running around trying to get it sorted. The class drank out of gold goblets and ate off gold plates. We had blackcurrant juice as wine.

We had so much fun preparing the banquet. Then we had our feast. We all dug in and took lots of photos. The class got to pick their own seats and I sat beside my best friend. We were all sad when it was over because we did not want the day to end. — Niamh Jones, 3rd Class.

Welcome back to school everyone!!! Seven new pupils started in Junior Infants in Halverstown school this year. We have been back to school only a few weeks and it has been amazing so far.

Just recently the middle room had a Fianna day in school. This was a history project. We had lots of fun, but we had to do a lot of things for the special day. We had to do a lot of planning, learning about Fianna times, some baking and art — it was a lot of work but it was worth it.

Very soon Halverstown school will have a new vegetable patch and sensory garden. Thank you to the people who helped with the sensory garden. We look forward to the rest of the year!!!! — Caoimhe Egan.

For our Fianna Banquet we decorated our outdoor classroom like a real banquet hall. We laid out the wooden bench tables in a line to make a long banquet table. We also had fun making a paper mache deer head. We covered it in brown crepe paper and used a black pompom for its nose, gave it googly eyes and put a pair of real deer antlers up as well. We really enjoyed making tapestries, out of fabric and special glue, which we hung on the walls. We wrote “Fianna Banquet” on the chalk board and drank from plastic goblets, spray painted gold. We had an old chest and an old chair which we used as a throne for our High Queen, who was our Principal Ms Sherlock. It was lots of fun. — Aoife Leslie.

On Fianna day I did traps. My trap was a snare. I had to teach people how to make one. We caught a toy hippo. — Sam Butler, 2nd Class.