Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bonfires 'will be put out'

Bonfires will not be allowed in public spaces in Kilcullen tonight, and will be put out, the local Garda have warned, writes Brian Byrne.

People found at any bonfire will be asked by the Garda to disperse.

The Garda have also appealed to young people not to use fireworks, as every year at this time around the country 'somebody loses an eye or a finger'. "None of them are regulated. there have been no safety checks, you don't know whether they are going to go off in your hand. We're concerned about your welfare, that you all come through Halloween safely."

In the latest Text Alert Newsletter from the Naas Garda District, parents are asked to explain to their children the dangers of illegal fireworks. It also notes that criminal damage is sometimes done to property as a result of bonfires, and warns that wind can carry sparks a long distance from the original fire.

Deputy Martin Heydon FG has extended wishes to all for a happy and safe Halloween, while Kildare South Fianna Fail candidate Fiona O'Loughlin has repeated her party's call that proper protection for emergency workers be introduced. "Halloween is a time of great enjoyment for most people but for members of the Gardai, paramedics or fire crews, it’s an extremely dangerous night.”