Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pat Coldrick in the BAG

Our next gig, this Monday, 21 September, sees the very welcome return of Pat Coldrick, one of Ireland's premier classical guitarists, and composers, writes Roy Thompson of the Ballymore Acoustic Gigs.

Currently in the middle of an Irish Tour to promote his outstanding new record, 'CityJam', Pat Coldrick has been attracting great interest, from the music press and broadcast media in recent years, and from an ever growing legion of fans, the world over.

All this has been built on a grassroots basis, and is testament to the style of Pat's performances. You won't get a stuffy 'recital', rather, Pat will play to entertain you, and unlike most others in the genre, regale you with tales and stories throughout the evening. Charming, witty, affable, but above all, an outstanding musician.

Doors 8:30pm; Gig 9pm, although Pat is likely to start much earlier — he carries out his warm-up as folks arrive, and will greet you from the stage, and have the chat, as it were!