Monday, September 21, 2015

Louise's Iuvenes for after school care

A new after-school care service opens in Kilcullen next Monday, 28 September, catering for children aged six upwards, writes Brian Byrne.

Going by the name Iuvenes, derived from the Latin and meaning 'youth', it's the brainchild of local woman Louise O'Gorman, who has both of what might be essential characteristics for the project — she's a mother of young children, and she has qualifications and experience in running a creche.

"I had planned to do this next year," says Louise, who has been living in Kilcullen for 13 years. "But just recently a few things fell into place, including the suitable premises, and I decided to bring things forward."

The location is the former Tennis Club in Logstown, used in the evenings by Kilcullen Youth Club KiYC, and the facilities available there work out very well for Iuvenes.

"There's a large games room, and a kitchen, and safe outside open space that can be used. The idea is that the children will be collected from the local school by bus and brought here. They'll get a hot meal, and there will be a programme of activities and a homework club supervised by a teacher on the team."

In addition to the organised programme, children will have the chance to plan some activities of their own. The activities will include things like crafts, baking and games. In all cases, every area will be supervised by people qualified and experienced in child care.

There will also be an option for a morning drop-off by parents who have to commute earlier than the school opening times, and for these breakfast will be provided before they are shuttled to their schools.

"The homework part is really very important for parents who don't get home until later, as it takes a big element of stress off them when they know they don't have to deal with homework when the family has just got home to be together."

When Louise had her own children she didn't go back to work because she didn't want to be parted from them. So she re-educated herself while rearing them, and earned a qualification in Social Studies as well as gaining a VETEC Level 6 in Childcare Supervision and taking a number of other related courses. Up to now she has been managing a creche.

"It was all leading up to this moment, when I could have my own space and grow a business within which I could still be with my own children, now four, eight and ten. My plan is to cater for up to 25 children in Iuvenes, and I have trained staff over the years who are very excited about the project."

Iuvenes will be very flexible in operation, to match the varying needs of different families. "For those who want full term after school care, we'll also be offering a flat rate during mid-term breaks and other holidays, so that it is financially manageable."

Full information is available from Louise at 085 7376368, email, or visit