Friday, August 07, 2015

Another cover for Hazel's wall

Our best-selling local author Hazel Gaynor has another book cover to add to her growing collection, writes Brian Byrne.

She has just seen the cover of 'Fall of Poppies', an anthology of love stories based on Armistice Day in WW1 to which she has contributed along with eight other writers of historical fiction.

"There is something very lovely about coming together with a group of other authors whose work you admire, and working together to produce a whole new book," she says, "and we are excited about the book’s release early next year."

Hazel's own latest book, 'A Memory of Violets', recently entered the best selling lists of the New York Times and USA Today, emulating the success of her first novel a couple of years ago, 'The Girl Who Came Home'.