Friday, July 03, 2015

Boys in estate driving incident

The Diary has received a disturbing report about an incident involving three children on their way home from school to Castlemartin Lodge last Tuesday, writes Brian Byrne.

According to the details provided, two brothers aged 12 and 7 were with another 7-year-old, crossing the road to the Castlemartin Lodge estate when a grey car sped in from the Newbridge Road and stopped a few inches from them.

According to the brothers' mother, the children were scared. "The driver opened the window then and started shouting at them, telling them that they could be killed," she told the Diary. "My older boy answered, saying that no one should be speeding in the housing estate. After that the children went home, but the driver followed them in his car and he was sitting in front of our house in the car. The kids were very scared, they rang me and I came from work in 15 minutes, but the car was gone."

The gardai have been informed, with a description of the driver and a partial registration of the car and its make.

"I just thought that the community in Kilcullen should be warned about the incident," the mother says.

NOTE: There is currently a public consultation with Kildare County Council about lowering the speed limits in residential estates.