Sunday, June 14, 2015

When you're relaxing, thieves aren't!

It's summer weather, and a lot of people are taking advantage of it to picnic with their children on nearby place like The Curragh, writes Brian Byrne.

But that means it's also prime weather for thieves. So, whether leaving your car while rambling, fishing, swimming or picnicking, don't leave anything of value in it.

And don't leave anything in view that might tempt a smash and grab just on the off-chance of a bit of loot ... that means jackets, shoes, anything at all.

Even if you're by the car, make sure it's locked, or you might find yourself in a similar situation as this contributor to Kildare Crime Alerts and Prevention on Facebook.

Hi, a warning to everyone, I was up the Curragh today about 2.30pm just across from Lumville House with my four children for a picnic lunch and had my car turned sideways and we were sitting on one side to block the wind, when not long after sitting down I saw my driver's door close really gently, when I got up and went around a woman with black hair in her 50s with a blonde boy about eight were walking away from my car with my bag, I challenged her and she said he found it, but I approached her and got it back, a navy estate car was waiting to one side and he drove over to meet her and they went, the sun was too bright and reflecting off the car I could not get the make or reg. There were lots of people around, she was not startled by my presence , I am sure she has done this before.