Thursday, June 04, 2015

Summer's here, mind those eyes

Even if we're not getting a lot of summer weather, it is the time when lots of us pop out the sunglasses, writes Brian Byrne. But are they the right kind, and are they doing good or harm?

Well, according to optometrist Nichola Kennedy's latest blog post, we should be paying more attention to the shades we wear. They're not just for looking cool, she says.

And they're not just for summer time. There are many situations even in winter when sunglasses are appropriate, as long as they are more than just fancy-looking frames with cheap tinted plastic lenses.

It's not really complicated — there are people in the sunglasses business who know what they're doing, and provide the correct kind of glasses. And, as Nichola says, it doesn't have to be sunny for UV damage to be done. Check it out.