Friday, June 19, 2015

Going to the Derby with Vivian Clarke

There's always a story in a well-dressed window, and the one behind Kilcullen stalwart Vivian Clarke's window for the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Best Dressed Shop Front in Newbridge is very much about typical people going to the festival meeting, writes Brian Byrne.

From right to left, the mannequins represent the very well-dressed young man out to cut a dash as well as enjoy his day; another earlier-well-dressed friend who has 'relaxed' a bit as the day wore on, shown by his undone tie and a paper napkin in place of the sharp kerchief of his colleague; then there's the casual young man who expects and gets a nice warm day, so is dressed in neat casuals apt to the occasion; and finally, his pal who decided he wanted to wear the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Festival colours.

The other elements include two sets of racing silks, the framed yellow ones of Christopher Tsui, the owner of Sea the Stars, at stud in Gilltown, officially rated the best horse in the world in 2009. The other set by coincidence has the colours of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Festival colours. Both were made by Kathleen Kennedy from Lumville.

A saddle and girth strap from Berney Bros Saddlery in Kilcullen are accompanied by a helmet, goggles and whip from the same famous business. The Kingston console on which they are placed was lent by Michael Murphy.