Friday, June 19, 2015

Can you help clean and paint the bridge?

Anybody who would like to help KCA/Tidy Towns to continue the necessary cleaning and timber painting work on the bridge would be welcome to come along tomorrow morning, writes Brian Byrne.

Work will begin around 10.30am. There will be a further work session on Monday evening from 7.30pm. Again, all volunteers will be welcomed. The more who come to either session, the quicker it will be finished.

The refurbishment of the bridge ten years ago was a major point of local discussion. A community wish that the capping on the railings should be brass was not complied with, and a significant portion of €120,000 earmarked for the project was spent on footpaths rather than on the bridge detail itself.

Meanwhile, the work of putting up flower boxes continues (above), and everybody is hoping for a surge of summer heat to bring the flowers on. Just in case you have been out of Kilcullen for the last 20 or more years, that's Ray Kelly on top and Noel Clare holding the ladder.