Monday, May 11, 2015

Repeat of Berney Bros 'In Good Hands'

There was a chance to see again the 'In Good Hands' revisit to Berney Bros Saddlery by David Shaw-Smith, first broadcast in 2013, writes Brian Byrne.

The revisit was to update on the original 'Hands' programme filmed in 1981, which featured the late Tom Berney, father of the current Tom Berney Snr, and Tom Jnr who is now part of the management team with his cousin Jamie .

In the 2013 programme there were also interviews with Jim Berney and his son Jamie, and contributions from Olympic horseman Joseph Murphy and trainer John Oxx.

Brendan Clifford, who featured in the original, was also in the revisit programme.

Noting that he represented five generations of the family in the business, Tom Jnr said it was a responsibility, 'trading on the reputation of those who went before him'.

At the time of the original programme, Berney Bros had five designs of saddle, but by 2013 there were 25 styles. Tom Berney Snr noted that in the 2013 programme the number of actual saddles produced in his time had reached 40,812.