Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NRA to be asked about bus shelters

The National Roads Authority will be quizzed at next week's Kildare County Council meeting about the difficulties involved in the provision of bus shelters, like the one requested by a number of people for Kilcullen, writes Brian Byrne.

This follows representations made by Cllr Fintan Brett on the issue, following a visit to Kilcullen last week.

Cllr Brett was told that it is a 'difficult' matter because it involves the NRA, Bus Eireann, Kildare County Council, and because there are insurance issues and the fact that multiple bus companies use the route.

"We have a representative of the NRA at the Council meeting next Monday and it may be possible to get their side of the story," the councillor told the Diary. "Regardless, I will keep it on the agenda."

A survey of the problem, and some suggestions as to how a shelter might be provided at the bus stop opposite the Hideout was presented to the Council some time ago by a group of people from the Bridge Camphill Community.